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At Elite Laser Lounge, we know you are more than beautiful, and that’s what we want to bring out with every treatment. So as certified clinical estheticians, and sisters operating a locally owned and operated beauty salon in Red Deer, AB, we focus on building your confidence, self-esteem, and inner beauty by helping you achieve the outer beauty you like.  After all, your skin is the first thing people see, so maintaining healthy beautiful skin projects a vibrant YOU.

That’s why our clinic focuses on effective, nourishing treatments that enhance your natural outward beauty, allowing you to present the best version of yourself always. 

From facials to laser hair removal to microdermabrasion, Elite Laser Lounge can offer the ideal treatment you need in a warm, friendly, and comfortable environment. 


Laser Hair Removal

Cosmetologist making mesotherapy injection. Microneedle mesotherapy


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Chemical Peel Face Treatment with Retinol Serum.

Chemical Peel


IPL Acne Treatments

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Call Elite Laser Lounge today to set up a consultation with one of our certified clinical estheticians and find out how the right skin treatment can help you match your inner beauty with the vibrant and healthy person you present to the world. And for your convenience, we serve Red Deer on weekdays as well as Saturdays.

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